Reservations for multi-use environments

RSVD brings you 411% ROI by creating better customer experiences. Manage capacity and operate with safety, convenience, and confidence.

Streamline crowds + lines

Manage capacity by having customers schedule their visit using a simple web link--no app install needed!

Transform your marketing

Boost engagement with your own mobile marketing database. Target and reward customers with unique and targeted offers.

Make daily operations easier

Use RSVD to distribute customer demand during off-peak hours. Boost sales and staff more efficiently.

See how RSVD helps you predict the future

For businesses who put their customers first

Give customers back their time by empowering them to book
your services and experiences through RSVD’s reservation technology.

Build trust through engagement

Keep customers in the loop by sending reminder, thank you, and promotional texts.

Connect with your customers

Provide safe, streamlined experiences that keep your customers coming back.

See how RSVD works for your business

For teams who optimize their time

Reservations give you real-time visibility into customer behavior. Seamlessly promote new services and premium experiences to incentivize customers and create monetization opportunities.

Impact your bottom line

Utilize mobile marketing to convert interest and intent into firm reservations.

Increase revenue

Predict traffic, incentivize purchases, and feature promotions that drive loyalty.

Got lines? RSVD lets your customers pay to skip them

Maximize efficiency and revenue like never before

Couple the most effortless reservations system in the world with our always-on dashboard to stay on top of it all. Access predictive insights to level-up marketing, improve operations, and more.

With RSVD, you will achieve







RSVD Drives ROI for Your Business

White label branding

RSVD’s reservations platform can be customized to fit the look of your brand.

Fits your business

Easily adapt reservations, mobile marketing, and capacity managements to your needs.

Unrivaled data privacy

All activity data is kept between you and your customers. RSVD is CCPA compliant and never shares data without permission.

Optional deposits

Lower the number of no-shows by requiring refundable deposits
for reservations.

Contactless check in/out

Customers check in and out with a unique QR code to accurately track and manage capacity.

Cost effective marketing

Build your customer and mobile marketing database at no cost to you.

Streamline operations

Predict and effectively manage traffic flow, staff more evenly, and provide an elevated experience.

Monetize experiences

Improve customer satisfaction while generating more transactions.

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Ready to optimize your future?

Let RSVD help you manage demand, improve customer satisfaction, and market smarter. We’ve got your back.