We built a Fast Pass for your business

RSVD was originally developed as a “fast pass” for life. While others have tried to digitize lines, our dream has always been to make lines optional for people everywhere. Today, we empower innovative businesses to safely manage capacity and enhance their customer experience.

Think of us as a fully customized digital concierge for your business. No matter where you are,
RSVD makes reservation technology accessible.

Our Mission

After 3 long days at SXSW, our founders realized that they had spent most of their time waiting in line. It turns our they weren’t alone. On average, people spend 2 years of their lives waiting in line. Why? Because lines have been unavoidable — until now.

From fan conventions to oil changes, our mission is to keep people safe by managing demand more efficiently. There’s less standing around, and no more stressful delays or wait times.

Activating RSVD is always simple and secure. We pride ourselves in making life easy for our partners while bringing found revenue to the bottom line. Most importantly, we give people their time back, so they can wait less and safely experience more.

See you at the front of the line.

Meet the team

Terry is focused on growth, partnerships, and customer/consumer engagement.
Terry Dry

CEO + Co-Founder

Brandon oversees the brand, creative and marketing activity for the RSVD platform.
Brandon Stuart

CMO + Co-Founder

Sean is our tech-whiz and manages all technical aspects of the business including product development.
Sean McHale


Greg handles all things operational and financial, leveraging his background in tech, strategy, operations, and finance.
Greg Boles


Rommia converts concept into reality. She serves as a partnership builder and project manager on the RSVD team.
Rommia White

General Manager

Ben brings his years of experience in digital design, branding, UX/UI, and marketing to create the visual materials that represent RSVD.
Ben Azarraga

Design/UX Lead

Andrew leads fundraising and helps business development efforts.
Andrew Walter

Chief Strategy Officer

Matias leads marketing and business development operations to drive expansion in strategic markets.
Matias Arizu

Head of Business Development

Modupe’s background is in brand marketing, she currently manages demand generation efforts across RSVD’s channels and platforms
Modupe Otubamowo

Demand Generation Manager

Customers are essential. Lines and crowds are not.

RSVD combines the power of mobile marketing with straight-up stellar customer service. We are built to democratize reservations and experiential marketing technology, and empower small, medium, and large businesses to realize immediate benefits from our
low cost, simple-to-use customer acquisition and experiential marketing tools.

RSVD in the press

“New technology for safe and scheduled appointments.”

“[RSVD] is valuable to all types of businesses where people typically have to wait in line or for an appointment.”

“RSVD launches social distancing solution, enabling businesses to protect the health and safety of their customers and employees.”