Libraries benefit from utilizing reservation system

5 ways libraries can benefit from using a reservation system

Library reservation system

Libraries are the backbone of a healthy community. They have long served as informational and social infrastructures in our society. Providing everything from book rentals to computer access to a place for gathering. But how can libraries continue to deliver equitable access to information in the face of a pandemic? The answer: A reservation system.

Reservations aren’t just for restaurants anymore. Implementing a reservation system at the library can be a powerful tool. It would not only provide a more positive experience for librarians and patrons, but also free up time for librarians to do what matters more.

Here are 5 ways libraries can benefit from using a reservations system.

Equitable access to information and more

Libraries have always been an easily accessible resource for a community. That doesn’t have to change with reopening. With reservations, you can continue to provide patrons with the same valuable information, even in the midst of regulations.

Add time slots to computer lab or meeting room access. Or add a staggered browsing time for stacks. Almost anything can use reservations as a way to help manage capacity, patron flow, and to keep everyone safe.

“It is important to empower the customer with the convenience of making reservations online.”

Ron Critchfield, Director of Jessamine Public Library

Curbside pick-up is where it’s at

Curbside order pick-up has become a popular solution that’s become a natural fit for libraries.

Convenience and safety have never been more important as they have become now. This is especially true when patrons cannot simply walk into libraries anymore. Easy and simple is always better. Empower patrons with convenience by offering curbside pick-up for book and media holdings. As a result, they can easily come in to pick up their next page-turner with no hassle and you will see your books flowing.

Create a safer experience for patrons

Gone are the days where patrons can leisurely browse books between narrow shelves. Securing social distancing between people has become essential to everyone’s safety. In fact, it’s of utmost importance to show your community that you care.

By implementing a reservation system, libraries can easily maintain capacity for visitor hours and program attendance. Having time slots for facilities will also help manage traffic flow. Patrons get to enjoy what your library offers in a safer environment. Utilization rates will only increase from there.

Gain back time to do important things

Librarians value their time. So do patrons. Save everyone some time by streamlining operations. With RSVD, you can manage everything from visits to pickups to communication with patrons – all in one place. Reservations give library users the confidence to schedule their visit and help librarians stay organized. No more wasting time dealing with outdated systems. Give everyone back their time. Then librarians can do more important things, like focusing on awesome programming.

Increase community engagement

A lot of people think of libraries as a welcoming and friendly place. A reservation system supports this idea without a doubt. Reservations enable patrons to actively engage with the library every time. They can plan their visits and you’ll also be ready to greet them. Share with them relevant programming to keep them coming back. Providing patrons with a better digital and on-site experience will surely increase utilization.

JCPL offers curbside pickup with RSVD

“RSVD helped us implement a no-contact solution for curbside pickup of library holds. Thanks to the team’s willingness to work with us, we now have a truly customized product that enables us to continue serving our community of readers and learners.”

Sara King, Adult Services Librarian at Jessamine Public Library

Jessamine Library, located in Kentucky, is on a mission to enrich the community with ideas, information, and cultural opportunities. They were facing the daunting task of reopening in a world with ever-changing regulations. One solution they came upon was curbside order pickup.

By using RSVD, JCPL has been able to lend books to people in a safer and easier manner. In fact, JCPL has seen over 400 reservations for book holdings since implementing curbside pick-up in June.

Curbside pick-up is one of the many things implementing a reservations system can help with at libraries. We at RSVD are very proud to support JCPL as they strive to provide the best service to their community.

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