Announcing our Partnership with Fandragon

Ticket Delivery Dream Team

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with FanDragon! We’ll be able to offer new customizations and better solutions for the ticketed events space! FanDragon is the leading blockchain-powered provider of mobile ticket deliveries. They’re led by experienced industry experts creating innovative products and services that align the needs of corporations, brands and fans.

Partner benefits

In partnership with FanDragon, RSVD can now empower customers to skip lines using secure ticket delivery (through Fast Pass) seamlessly through our partners’ mobile apps. Therefore, our partners can set the rules on Fast Pass transferability and use in-app messaging for direct and fast engagement. As a result, these features can allow partners to encourage repeat customers, understand purchase behaviors, and gain added value from every Fast Pass. Also, this presents an additional touchpoint in RSVD’s growing sponsorship offering.

Next Up

Look out for our partnership in music venues, festivals, universities, and live theatre events. In addition, for more information on our partnership, check out our press release here. We can’t wait for what’s next with the amazing FanDragon team!

About FanDragon

FanDragon Technologies is reimagining the global ticket distribution business by bringing control and transparency back to ticket-rights holders. Subsequently, FanDragon’s unique mobile ticket delivery system gives clients unprecedented control over their tickets. This allows them to improve their engagement with fans, gain new insights, and generate new revenue streams. FanDragon has offices in Los Angeles, New York and London.

About RSVD

Waiting in lines is bad for business and customer experience. Fortunately, RSVD is an innovative platform that makes lines optional (and monetized) through a simple and seamless web-based reservation solution. RSVD offers reservation technology anywhere lines still exist. In addition, we offer both sponsorship integrations and ‘fast-pass’ style arrangements for multi-touchpoint environments. In other words, RSVD is taking people out of line and into experiences, and is currently deployed at select Jiffy Lube locations and multiple conferences. Moreover, FanDragon will be able to provide ticket delivery through a white-label mobile wallet app.

Join us

Interested in partnering with us, working with us, or learning more about how we’re utilizing blockchain technology? Give us a shout at [email protected] We want to hear from you!

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