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Client Spotlight: How RSVD’s Reservations Platform Elevates CX

Originally developed as a “fast pass” for life, RSVD has become an asset for businesses looking to provide the safe and convenient experiences their customers expect. Numbers don’t lie: According to a recent survey, 88% of RSVD users would be more likely to attend an experience if they could reserve it ahead of time. More surprisingly, 60% would opt for a different experience if they saw a line. Read on to learn how our game-changing reservations platform empowers our clients to minimize walkaways and missed opportunities, all while maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction like never before.

Engaging Patrons with Touchless Transactions

In an era of heightened public health concerns, providing streamlined ways for patrons to engage with your business is an absolute must. For spcaLA, a nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Southern California, RSVD has been essential for safely facilitating donation drop-offs. Patrons appreciate how simple it is to plan ahead and skip the wait with our reservations platform: Just confirm a date and time that works for you, show up at your scheduled time with your QR code ready, and enjoy a quick, contactless drop-off process. It’s never been easier to support spcaLA shelters while ensuring public safety. Pet-lovers in Los Angeles County who are looking to donate brand-new blankets, towels, toys, or canned food can make a donation drop-off appointment at any time. 

provide touchless transactions with a reservations platform

With our clients ranging from pet shelters to libraries, it’s clear that reservations are no longer just for restaurants. Jessamine County Public Library uses RSVD to offer its patrons the convenience of scheduling contactless curbside book pickups. For those without mobile devices, the JCPL team can seamlessly schedule appointments on their behalf. Such an all-inclusive approach is critical in addressing the impact of COVID-19 on libraries, which has exacerbated the inequitable access to information that affects older and lower-income patrons. With hundreds of appointments for book pickups already made, our reservations platform has maximized JCPL’s efforts to safely enrich its community with ideas, information, and cultural opportunities. 

Operating Smarter with Predictive Data

Today’s customers expect frictionless experiences from the businesses they frequent. That’s why RSVD has made understaffed and undersupplied workspaces a thing of the past. Consider, for instance, the case of Sangre de Cristo Arts Center: Our reservations platform provides its staff members with predictive insight into capacity, thereby empowering them to manage each day more efficiently. As patrons make reservations to visit the art gallery, the Sangre de Cristo team can gauge exactly when and where to position more staff members. The result is a stellar visitor experience defined by a warm welcome and ample artistic learning opportunities for all. Those located in the Southern Colorado area can reserve a time to view “Inspiration,” a limited-time exhibition showcasing one of the most significant collections of artwork from the studio glass movement in the Pacific Northwest.

operating smarter with a reservations platform

Believe it or not, our predictive insights also give product and service providers a competitive edge. Jiffy Lube service centers nationwide pride themselves on offering highly-skilled preventative maintenance with stellar customer service to match, and RSVD supports them in accomplishing just that. At 7 participating Jiffy Lube locations across Los Angeles and Orange County, customers can make appointments to bring their vehicles in for a brake pad replacement or an oil change. These reservations empower technicians to take a predictive approach to inventory by ensuring they have the parts necessary to address each incoming customer’s needs. With smarter staffing practices to sweeten the deal, it’s no surprise that our reservations platform has helped Jiffy Lube increase its bottom line. 

Creating Safe, Personalized Visitor Experiences

Capacity management is not longer a nice-to-have— it’s a must for addressing today’s public health concerns. With this in mind, more and more businesses are taking the steps necessary to put safety at the forefront of their visitor experiences. Pinnacle Estate Properties uses RSVD as a means of granting its Tuscan Highlands residents exclusive access to top-of-the-line amenities and services, ranging from e-sports lounges to outdoor well-being programs. Our virtual concierge provides a centralized platform for users to reserve amenities at any time, which makes it easier than ever to manage capacity while putting residents in control of their own social experiences. What results is an unparalleled, wellness-driven community that empowers creatives, social-seekers, and tech enthusiasts to stay entertained from the safety of their own homes. It’s in this sense that Tuscan Highlands has become a exemplar in next-generation apartment living. 

Our reservations platform also elevates the visitor experience for storefronts of all kinds, thanks to its white label branding and highly-customizable features. Swansons Nursery recently partnered with RSVD to support a high volume of appointments while providing festive (yet frictionless) experiences this holiday season. As customers reserve times to drop by the nursery, our platform provides employees with the information necessary to assess occupancy and accept walk-ins accordingly. Even better: RSVD engages customers with quick and personalized responses, all of which further Swansons’ goal of providing friendly service at each point of interaction. Savvy gardeners can look forward to accessing everything they need to bring holiday magic into their homes this year, all while dodging the holiday crowds.  

Some Words From Our Clients

“RSVD helped us staff more evenly, avoid underutilization, and improve our customer experience. With RSVD, we’ve seen an increase to our bottom line, even during a time of crisis. I plan to scale this to all my locations.”
— Rob C., CEO & Franchise Owner of Jiffy Lube

“RSVD helped us implement a no-contact solution for curbside pickup of library holds. Thanks to the team’s willingness to work with us, we now have a truly customized product that enables us to continue serving our community of readers and learners.”
— Sara K., Adult Services Librarian at JCPL

“We needed a better system. The customization and openness to new ideas at RSVD is also a huge element. Our requests were listed to, acknowledged, and made to happen if it was possible.” 
— Lena C., Executive Assistant at Swansons Nursery

About RSVD
RSVD is a mobile reservations platform built to improve and optimize “in real life” customer experiences. Through seamless access to reservations, capacity management, walk-in tracking, mobile-marketing and payment processing, our partners gain incremental revenue and increased satisfaction from their customers.
Our B2B platform today is poised to thrive as a B2C marketplace tomorrow, solving for the emerging convenience-focused relationship that customers seek from the businesses they engage with. RSVD powers smooth logistics and stellar customer experiences that enable customers to “wait less and experience more”.

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