How to Connect with Your Customers for a Safe Return to Business

Sales associate connecting with customer at check out with a smile

The onset of the pandemic has forced many businesses to change the way they operate. Gone are the tried and true ways of engaging with customers – at least for now. Companies are faced with many obstacles when reopening – one of which is to successfully connect with your customers for a safe return to business.

So, what can you do to strengthen customer relationships?

Here are 5 strategies to help you connect with your customers.

Communication is key

Be upfront and honest. Be empathetic. Let customers know that you understand the circumstances at play. Presenting clear steps to help customers and employees alike will show that you care about their wellbeing. Share everything across all channels on social media and newsletters. Don’t forget about your website and in-store, as well!

Set guidelines on how to interact with your business

Establishing guidelines and protocols for your business is a must these days. Rules will not only ensure everyone’s safety, but make it easier to interact with customers consistently and confidently.

Keep your customers up-to-date about changes to your operations. Be sure to announce new hours and ordering or shopping options. Let customers know of new policies, such as one-way aisles or reservations, so they know what to expect from you. Ensure all messages get across by posting signage in high-traffic areas.

Smoothly implementing and enforcing these changes will show your customers that you have their best interest at heart.

Assure customers that your values will stay the same

Humans are creatures of habit. Put your customers at ease by showing how your company will continue to provide the same things they know and love. Adapting how you provide products and services will keep engagement up. For instance, you can offer online classes or curbside pick-up. The result is that your customers will be thrilled they can still enjoy what you offer.

Revolutionize your offerings

Keep your customers engaged with timely and innovative offerings. Let your customers know how you are serving them in new ways. Or perhaps, announce new products or services that solve a new problem. By addressing current events, your company will show that you care to try to make your customers’ lives better.

By following these strategies, your business can emerge from this crisis with stronger customer relationships. The right customer-centric attitude and awareness of what people need will go a long way to cultivate a long-lasting bond.

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