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Curbside Pickup: New normal for winning businesses

The COVID crisis has brought about a great change in our lives in many ways. Most of all, many people have come to respond more seriously to hygiene and health issues than ever before. 77% of consumers say they will be more cautious about cleanliness, health, and safety in the post-pandemic era, according to a study from Capgemini Research Institute.

To respond to new demands from customers, curbside pickup is the new normal. Retailers, chain restaurants, and smaller local businesses across the country have already started to accelerate their curbside pickup offerings. Target recently reported that their digital sales had grown 275% in the month of April, driven largely by its same-day curbside pickup services.

Here are 3 reasons why curbside pickup is here to stay:

Health & Safety: Both consumers and employees do not feel safe with close in-person contact, especially indoors. With curbside pickup, businesses can communicate via voice calls, text messages, or through online channels to handle the entire process from shopping to ordering to payment to pickup. This minimizes any person-to-person contact which will keep a safe distance from the operators and customers.

Consumer Convenience: No one likes waiting. Curbside pickup simply eliminates it. Retail and restaurant customers can now plan their purchases ahead of time, with zero concerts about lines or crowds. Consumers can even choose specific time slots convenient to them and can receive updates in realtime. In many ways, curbside pickup is the fastest and most convenient shopping experience.

Profitability: Curbside is a profitable option for businesses, too. Operators can cut service costs, as consumers can order and pay online. Better yet, there are no delivery costs. For businesses that would otherwise use third-parties for delivery, curbside pickup is a welcome cost saving.

A better way to do curbside

Using your own mobile app for the curbside may offer a nice digital experience. However, your customers may not have your app on their phone, and they may not want to download it. Instead of asking customers to use your app exclusively, give them an option to use the apps they already have, like messaging or the mobile web.

With RSVD, you can conduct curbside pickup entirely on the mobile web, no app or downloads required. Both businesses and customers can monitor capacity in real-time, and customers can easily check-in by scanning a QR code upon entry. All customers receive appointment reminders, decreasing the chance of no-shows, and helping to streamline operations.

Even when the pandemic becomes the past, it’s unlikely that concerns about lines, crowds and waiting will go with it. It’s time to think about long-term, efficient and sustainable retail operations. Our bet? Safe, convenient and streamlined curbside solutions are here to stay.

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