Experience is Everything: Trend Report

Guest experience is paramount

Consumers are spending more than ever on – you guessed it – experiences. New data from Thinkwell’s latest Guest Experience Trend Report depicts what is most important to happy customers.

Fan festivals and conventions are growing exponentially, and when it comes to a successful event, guest experience is everything. As consumer spending goes up, so do expectations. Events that do it right have helpful amenities, ample opportunity to socialize with fellow attendees, and minimal inconveniences such as long lines or an inefficient layout. Events that miss the mark can suffer social media backlash, bankruptcy, or worse.

So what are the keys to a good experience? Community and Convenience.

Community experience

People want to connect with similar minds, and they want to do it IRL. Fan cons are a growing way to meet people and have tweetable, streamable real-life experiences. 73% of survey respondents expressed a need for real-life (over digital) experiences, and spending on these experiences is growing to $5M annually in the US alone.

Hospitality and convenience

With 71% of respondents willing to travel more than 500 miles for a fan event, and 58% of respondents willing to hop on a plane to get there, it’s increasingly important that the destination be worth the effort to get there. This means convenience is key – and if guests are distracted by long lines, they are far less likely to purchase merchandise, rave to their social networks, or return for the next event.

The crowds have spoken

According to survey respondents, the top requirements for a successful event:

  1. Well organized layout
  2. Celebrity meet & greets
  3. Easy lodging
  4. Social experiences with fellow fans
  5. Exclusive merchandise & shopping opportunities
  6. Convenient parking and transit

In short, this report from Thinkwell confirmed our core beliefs – experiences and community are everything, and people are willing to pay to make them better.

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