How Bartz BBQ Can Safely Increase Efficiency by Using RSVD

Bartz BBQ RSVD user interface

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with one of the best barbecue spots in town! Bartz Barbecue is a catering business specializing in traditional Texas style barbecue. They focus on making consistently high quality food for everyone using only the best ingredients. They also offer a wide array of house-made sides and sauces and even make their own pickled accoutrements! By using our reservations platform, we empower Bartz to increase efficiency all while staying safe.

Partner Benefits

In our new normal, businesses are forced to change their business model. Bartz needed a solution. They needed a platform to help streamline operations, manage demand, and ensure customer and employee safety. That’s where RSVD comes in. With our simple-to-use reservations platform, customers can easily place their orders from home. Once the orders are in, Bartz uses our Partner Dashboard to effectively manage orders with an increase efficiency. They can also set up new reservation times with ease. Using the dashboard’s analytics capabilities, they are able to predict demand, staff smarter, and communicate effectively with customers. Good customer service encourages repeat customers, help understand purchase behaviors, and gain added value from every order.

To kick off this delicious partnership, Bartz is running a contest on Instagram just in time for Father’s Day! The winner will go home with $50 worth of BBQ. Isn’t that sweet?

What The Press Has to Say About Bartz BBQ

“The Best BBQ Restaurants in Los Angeles” – Bartz BBQ in Discover Los Angeles Jul 3, 2019

“During our visit to see Bartz at Los Angeles AleWorks, that meant fatty brisket sporting a pronounced smoke ring, succulent “Flintstones” level beef ribs, and crusty pulled pork, all available by weight, by piece, or as part of a meal with two sides. Even his sides are smoked: creamed corn folded with gobs of cream cheese…”

“The 15 Essential Barbecue Spots in Los Angeles, Summer 2019” – Bartz BBQ in The Eater LA Jun 11, 2019  

“This is some of the best and most widely-available barbecue found in the South Bay, which makes it perfect for tens of thousands of hungry beach-goers in Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, Torrance, and beyond.”

“10 of the best new South Bay restaurant dishes of 2017” – Bartz BBQ in The Beach Reporter Dec 28, 2017

“He makes an excellent brisket and pulled pork, but I love the rich caramelized char on his beef rib, huge enough to please your inner caveman.”

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