How to Create a Legendary Customer Experience

Customer experience is important but it does not need to be prioritized. Think again! When you shop, how do you feel? You NEVER want to compromise on that feeling.

It HAS to be legendary…?

Yep. Don’t compromise on customer experience. With a world oversaturated with advertising, customers demand for personalized attention. This means that you have limited time to impress, and it’s easier than ever to quickly lose to a competitor due to a bad experience. Forbes highlights the impact of this: a staggering 92% of consumers say that they would stop purchasing from a business after less than 3 frustrating experiences. As a business, you don’t have much time to lose, and neither do your customers.

Creating an exceptional customer experience and providing convenience is no longer an option – it’s an expectation. So where can you start?

Give a warm welcome

Always be prepared for your customer

You start from the very beginning 🙂 An often-forgotten basic rule of hospitality is that you should welcome your customers when they arrive to your business – not force them to wait outside or shuffle them to a virtual queue. Quality and dedicated focus on customer experience is increasingly the reason customers choose to leave their homes in the first place – so why risk disappointment? With platforms like RSVD, customers can select times they visit your business as per their convenience. Thus, RSVD guarantees your customers a personal experience every time.

Communicate well, and often

Send text messages to your customer through RSVD

In other words… text your customer! Unlike emails, text messages average a 90% open rate. So, customers generally prefer text messages as an efficient means of communication. Providing your customers with quick, bite-sized and informative information on-the-go can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to self-promote a little, but most importantly, don’t be afraid to have fun. Most consumers prefer brands with a positive, upbeat tone.

Keep your community safe

Feel safe with RSVD

Today, COVID-19 is a part of everyone’s life. In this new normal, the easier way to social distance is to avoid going anywhere until absolutely necessary. So, this pandemic is seeing a more concerned and sensitive consumer segment. We know that this is a growing concern for businesses like you. RSVD capacity management tools allow you to keep your customers safe, while making it clear to your customers that you care about both their health and their time.

Break the mold

We’ve entered into a new decade, and with it, a new world. As technology continues to evolve, so do consumer expectations. Time and time again, we’ve seen how businesses that have failed to adapt have failed to keep up. In a world where innovation is the key to your customers’ heart, it’s no longer risky to change how you operate. It’s risky to stay the same.

Join us

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