Manage Demand with our Partner Dashboard

RSVD helps you manage demand & keep fans and customers happy

We also now offer easily accessible data on your business. With the RSVD Partner Dashboard, your team can access past and upcoming reservations while contacting customers as-needed, fostering meaningful engagement with your business.

Manage demand

Lines are bad for business. They inhibit rave reviews and make experiences harder to enjoy, costing you money and clout in the process.

RSVD is a simple and fully white-labeled mobile web solution that allows people to make Fast Pass reservations while driving revenue for you in the process. Reservations allow you to predict and manage demand, while welcoming happy customers to the front of any line.

By empowering your team to access up-and-coming reservations, you can more easily predict demand and create better customer experiences.

Smarter staffing, happier customers

Predicting demand means you can predict your staffing needs, too. Don’t get stuck short-staffed because you don’t know what’s coming. Streamlined, painless logistics make for happier customers, driving revenue for you in the process. By empowering your team to properly plan for demand, you can cut costs and create better experiences.

Need to contact your customers? No problem. RSVD captures authorized, easy-to-access mobile data so you can communicate seamlessly and directly.

Safe and securely manage demand

RSVD collects basic contact information so that you can connect with your customers. We never ask for unnecessary information. Our clients can securely store important customer data with no complications and no unauthorized data-sharing, ever.

While raising your customers’ satisfaction, RSVD also makes your employees’ jobs easier, empowering them to create better experiences.

Join us

Interested in partnering with us, working with us, or simply want to request that we solve a long line near you? Or maybe you love waiting in line, and you’re mad at us. No matter what, give us a shout at [email protected]. We want to hear from you!

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