Tired of waiting in line? Let us introduce ourselves.

It was 2018 when RSVD’s founders, Brandon and Terry, went to SXSW in Austin. It should have been a great weekend filled with amazing programming and numerous interesting people to meet and interact with. But, something was missing. After 3 long days, they realized they had spent almost ¼ of their time waiting in line instead of connecting with the people around them. The event needed more efficient line management to enhance the experience of attendees.

It turns out they were not alone. Some say that on average, people lose 2 years of their lives to waiting in lines. Why? Because lines have been unavoidable – until RSVD’s line management mobile solution.

What we do

Fast forward to today, and meet RSVD. From fan conventions to oil changes, our mission is to eliminate lines anywhere where waiting in line still exists. In doing so, we take people out of line and into the world around them, creating better experiences in the process.

Simply put, we give people their time back.

How we help

RSVD has built a mobile solution that allows people to use a reservation system for any experience that would otherwise require a queue. Customers sign up, book their spot, and arrive on time. No standing around, and no complications. And we’re just getting started!

RSVD is helping businesses generate new revenue, while also creating a better experience for their customers. Our turnkey, white-labeled solution works anywhere lines still exist, no hardware or app needed. RSVD allows consumers to skip lines by making reservations for all kinds of events and services through a simple interface. Where applicable, our operations team also handles onsite activation, from check-ins to customer service that is second to none.

For our partners, activating RSVD is always simple and secure. We pride ourselves in making life easy for our partners while bringing found revenue to the bottom line. Most importantly, we give customers their time back so they can experience more.

Join us

Interested in partnering with us, working with us, or simply want to request that we solve a long line near you? Or maybe you love waiting in line, and you’re mad at us. No matter what, give us a shout at [email protected] We want to hear from you!

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