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RSVD, LLC Announces the Acquisition of its US Operations

The strategic acquisition by Whyline will expand capabilities for businesses and event operators seeking to improve guest experience for virtual and IRL events.

Born out of the ambition to make waiting in line optional, RSVD has enabled reservation technology for thousands of users to streamline their experiences with businesses. RSVD functionality has helped customers avoid the stress and wait times associated with predictable crowds, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors. The need for capacity management functionality was further heightened for these businesses in 2020 with the critical nature of COVID-19 complexities. Through this acquisition, RSVD will enable its clients to benefit from access to Whyline’s robust product suite of reservation technology features, allowing businesses to more easily take critical action like safe reopening during these unprecedented times by modernizing their workflows to fit the in-person/virtual hybrid that is “the new normal”. 

“Given the exhaustive list of synergies here, the whole is undoubtedly greater than the sum of the parts. Whyline’s global footprint and proven success unlocks even more potential for technology to make waiting in line optional. We are excited by this potential and for our clients to have access to the robust Whyline product suite” says Terry Dry, Co-Founder and CEO, RSVD.  Whyline’s mobile and digital solutions for hyper-automated virtual queuing and smart appointment scheduling have proven highly effective in high-foot traffic areas around the world. With over 1,000 venues served, and over 20 million virtual reservations provided, Whyline supports over 50 enterprise clients, including Fortune 500 retailers, premiere global financial institutions, and a number of major US municipalities. Whyline’s platform unlocks additional ways for RSVD’s roster of clients to use technology to support their capacity management needs in a resilient and scalable way, even in times of crisis, while keeping end-users informed and satisfied with easy-to-understand wait times and displays.

As a result of this deal, Whyline will considerably expand its US footprint, building upon years of successful funding rounds and established customer satisfaction across global territories. 

“By acquiring RSVD’s US business, Whyline will triple its number of active US clients in complementary verticals. We will also benefit from marketing talent that will further augment our sales and customer success efforts,” Mike Twersky, Whyline’s Co-Founder, said. RSVD’s complementary list of clients and verticals gives Whyline further strategic footing for US expansion. 

“We are very proud of the platform we’ve built and the support we’ve received from our team members, advisors and investors. We are also extremely grateful for the client partners that have trusted us with their most precious resource – their customer experience. We do not take that lightly and are excited to see these experiences get even better. We have a shared vision with Whyline to save people time, and believe Whyline will enable our mission to reach new heights through their growing global business,” says Terry Dry.


RSVD is a Los Angeles-based technology company, launched in 2019. RSVD’s capacity management software allows organizations large and small to optimize demand, improve customer experiences, drive revenue, and operate safely. RSVD’s platform has served thousands of users within the US, across a diverse collection of verticals including retail, hospitality, museums, libraries, and more.


In 2015, Whyline was founded to help companies manage the flow of people through the use of virtual queues and ‘smart’ appointment scheduling. Built with hyper-automation and cloud computing, Whyline’s clients’ customers can see the live wait-times, enter into the queue remotely or pre-book their appointment, and let the software wait on their behalf until it’s their turn to be seen.

Amidst the global pandemic, Whyline has seen unprecedented growth rates in organic demand, contract signings growth of 650%, ARR and overall system usage. Whyline’s solution has shown to be perfectly positioned to assist the healthcare, government, financial institution and retail sectors during the COVID crisis across geographies; and is also well-positioned to continue experiencing strong growth in post-pandemic times as consumer behavior has quickly evolved to become the “new normal”.

Today, Whyline has 41 employees, and continues to expand its global operations.

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