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Why Implement a Reservations Platform for Your Business?

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Reservations aren’t just for restaurants anymore. In our “new normal,” implementing a reservations platform technology can be critical to your business’ success when you reopen.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but lines and crowds can be the bane of their existence. Retail stores deal with long queues depending on what day it is – weekends are usually busy. Businesses in the service industry often have customers waiting in the lobby for their turn. Educational and entertainment venues rely on interested crowds attending their latest programming. Except, lines and crowds is something we don’t have the privilege of experiencing anymore.

How do you reopen safely? How do you provide an excellent customer experience in light of all the new protocols that need to be put in place?

This is where RSVD comes in. We’re an easy-to-use, customizable tool that’s here to help.

Whether you call it a virtual queue, line management software, or skip the line app, we like to think of RSVD as the “Fast Pass” to your business. RSVD helps you operate safely and increase customer satisfaction. Our reservations platform can empower your staff with a manageable way to handle lines, wait times, and capacity. You’ll see better management of time, fewer walkouts, and happier customers.

RSVD also has built-in marketing functions to increase engagement and build a relationship with your customers. Reservations get SMS text reminders, or entice repeat visits with targeted offers.

“RSVD helped us staff more evenly, avoid underutilization, and improve our customer experience. With RSVD, we’ve seen an increase to our bottom line, even during a time of crisis.”

Rob Curry, Jiffy Lube Franchise Owner

Reopening can be scary – one needs to be smart, safe, and proactive. Business owners need to think about how they can adapt and move forward safely and sustainably. So, why use a reservations platform for your business? Check out the reasons below!

Create your very own ecosystem

RSVD is designed to be highly customizable and fit into any type of business. Create everything from locations to events, or even services within a location. Set crucial details such as operating hours, capacity limits, deposits, blackout days, and more. Then, you’re set! You now have a main hub of everything that is your business ready for people to start reserving.

Fun Fact: RSVD isn’t just for reservations. You can also use our platform for curbside pick-ups.

Control reservations online

Apps are all the rage now, but not everyone wants to install software or download yet another app. Good news: RSVD is completely online! We set you up with your own reservations URL link that customers use to easily book their next appointment with you. They’ll be happy that you saved them time, and peace of mind knowing you are ready for them right when they step through the door.

Using RSVD’s dashboard analytics, you can monitor and manage your reservations with ease. It gives real-time data on all reservations, as well as current capacity of your locations and events.

Keep engagement up with SMS texts

Capture valuable customer data just by having customers place reservations to your business. We share all of the fun details with you, so you have the best resource to provide excellent customer service. Easily send SMS text reservation reminders and updates. Or, send relevant incentives to keep them coming back. Think your favorite customer would love to save 20% on their next visit? Send that text!

Research has shown that mobile marketing has a 90%+ open rate compared to traditional email and phone marketing.

Give customers back their time

No one likes to wait. RSVD gives your customers back their time. The less time in line, the more time they have to spend. Our platform also gives you back the gift of time. With RSVD, not only can you staff smarter, but also give your customers a happy experience.

Ready for ROI? Contact us for a quick, free consultation to see what we can do for you.

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