Foster a safer, more connected campus

Restore campus activities and operations with ease and efficiency. RSVD is a custom digital solution to help you manage capacity and support a healthy and safe campus life.

  • Reopen safely
  • Manage capacity
  • Eliminate lines
  • Cut costs

Show your community you care

Who said reservations are just for the Dining Hall? Reopen smarter and ensure student wellbeing by offering simple reservations for all aspects of campus life.

Reopen safely

Reopening is no small feat, especially when faced with swiftly changing regulations. Help your students safely return to the college experience by offering the effortless and convenient structure that reservations provide.


of universities are planning to reopen campus with new safety procedures


of Gen-Z students expect technology to be part of the campus experience

"Being creative and innovative will be key when trying to create a social experience for students. Technology and social media will continue to be vital during this period in our nation's history."

Manage capacity

Reservations aren’t just for dining halls anymore. Manage capacity for everything from office hours and library visits to workout sessions and extracurriculars. Your campus community can work smarter, and students will love the unparalleled convenience.

With RSVD, students and faculty alike can keep their fingers on the pulse of campus life. All campus reservations appear conveniently in one central, fully-customized mobile dashboard.

Eliminate lines

Help take the friction out of living with restrictions for students, faculty and staff. Give everyone back the time that may otherwise have been spent wrangling crowds or standing in line. Our solution can be fully customized to ensure it meets your needs. RSVD fits seamlessly into your environment, and students and staff alike love using it: our user experience is bar-none.

With reservation activity data, you can also staff smarter and streamline operations to ensure a safe and healthy campus. No lines, no crowds, no operational stress.

Cut costs

RSVD is extremely easy to use and is purely additive, no complex integrations or onboarding processes are required to function well. Set up locations and events is a snap, and utilize real-time data to adjust capacity as-needed.

The best part? Reservations are proven to make life easier for your staff, mitigating operational friction for almost any environment and giving them the time back to do what they do best.

Flexible + customizable

Tailor capacity rules, event-based reminders, check-in settings, and more to create a universe that fits your campus.

Lower costs

Save time and money. Manage reservations for any location with a platform that saves your students time and makes your team’s lives easier.

Increase community engagement

Send reminders to students or inform them about relevant, helpful programming. SMS messages get the word out faster.

Student experience

Give your community the gift of convenience. Help students engage on-campus through a better logistical experience.

Streamline operations

Safely manage the flow of traffic throughout your facilities (and staff smarter) with predictive student activity data provided by RSVD.

Unrivaled data privacy

All activity data is kept between you and your students. RSVD is CCPA compliant and never shares data without permission.

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