Grow your event revenue by 300%

Roll out the red carpet not just for VIPs. Democratize the concept of “VIP” and increase your revenue, while providing an incredible fan experience.

  • Sell more VIP options
  • Manage capacity
  • Streamline operations
  • Market smarter

Give time back to attendees

No one likes waiting in lines. Using RSVD helps give your attendees more time to connect, experience, and enjoy your event.

Monetize your lines

Yep, you read right. Activate RSVD to offer tiered Fast Passes to VIP and GA alike for everything from merch lines to panels to autograph sessions. Even restroom lines!

No more “all or nothing” VIP packages – when you sell Fast Passes, attendees can customize their experience and create memories that will last them a lifetime.

A rockstar-worthy experience

Capacity management is no longer a nice-to-have - it’s a must for helping your fans feel safe. Easily set up locations and events with reservations to provide a safer venue experience for attendees and staff alike. Incentivize attendees to schedule their day. Then, manage capacity with RSVD’s easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard and send text reminders to keep everyone in the loop. Happier fans mean better reviews.

No lines, no stress

Crowds are a good thing, but imagine crowds without the lines. Empower fans to plan their day with reservations while offering special offers or add-ons to “skip the line.” Attendees will always pay for convenience and you can streamline operations.

With a reservations platform in place, you’ll have insight on who’s going where. You’ll be able to staff smarter, spend less on crowd management, and run a tight ship.

Keep attendees engaged

It’s important to connect attendees to relevant content before and during your event. RSVD captures insightful customer data for you to use to keep your fans engaged. Send easy, custom SMS text reminders or let attendees know of relevant events that they may be interested in based on their activity.

Personalization will make your events a “must-attend” year after year.

Flexible + customizable

Tailor operational rules, event-based reminders, check-in settings, and more to create a universe that fits your event.

Lower costs

Save time and money. Manage reservations for programming and perks that saves your staff time and makes your life easier.

Increase attendee engagement

Send reminders to attendees or inform them about relevant programming. SMS messages get the word out faster.

Excellent fan experience

Give your fans the gift of convenience. Help attendees more efficiently with a better digital and onsite experience.

Streamline operations

Safely manage the flow of traffic through your event, and staff smarter, with predictive activity data provided by RSVD.

Unrivaled data privacy

All activity data is kept between you and attendees. RSVD is CCPA compliant and never shares data without permission.

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