Create a space to sweat safely

Provide the ultimate gym or health club experience where members can plan workouts in a safe environment and stay connected and engaged.

  • Reserve everything
  • Manage capacity
  • Rewards + incentives for workouts
  • Monetize your space

Show your community you care

Empower your members to plan their workouts ahead of time, so you can provide them with a safe space to work out and connect.

Goodbye, attrition

Provide unparalleled convenience to your members by empowering them to plan ahead and commit to their workouts ahead of time. With RSVD, your patrons enjoy a bird’s eye view and always-on access to all the amenities your gym has to offer.

Never again will your members have to stress about snagging a spot in the lap lane or in class. Better yet, they commit to their workouts ahead of time, so motivation is no longer an issue.





"RSVD's valuable customization and seamless interface makes it easy for our members to plan their workouts and gives us a technological edge."

Eileen A.

RSVD Client

Manage capacity, streamline operations

Implementing reservations help you safely and securely track member activity within your facility. Utilize your dashboard to access predictive insights so that you can streamline operations and staff smarter. The flexibility of RSVD makes it easy to keep up with operational constraints and capacity regulations.

Keep them coming back

Combine reservations history with our simple marketing suite to incentivize trips to the gym. Send easy, custom messages to remind members of reservations and empower them to invite guests. Pull data on activity and serve personalized, activity-based promotions to drive upsells and incentivize trips to the gym.

Monetize your space

Don’t let all that square footage go to waste. Use RSVD to create monetization opportunities for everything from equipment and amenities to classes. Turn available space into effortless upsell opportunities for personal training, private events and more; adding value for members and making your space more attractive and more central to your community.

Flexible + customizable

Tailor business rules, event-based reminders, check-in settings, and more to create a universe that fits your facility.

Lower costs

Save time and money. Manage reservations for any equipment with a platform that saves your team time and makes your life easier.

Increase member engagement

Send reminders to members or inform them about relevant programming. SMS messages get the word out faster.

Excellent member experience

Give your community the gift of convenience. Help members engage with your facility through a better logistical experience.

Streamline operations

Safely manage the flow of traffic throughout your facilities (and staff smarter) with predictive activity data provided by RSVD.

Unrivaled data privacy

All activity data is kept between you and your members. RSVD is CCPA compliant and never shares your data without permission.

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