Put your best food truck forward

Let your food speak for itself by having a Fast Pass to your customers. RSVD streamlines operations, helps your market smarter, and gets more people enjoying your meals.

  • Schedule pickups + visits
  • Manage capacity
  • Cut costs
  • Market smarter

No lines, no crowds, no stress

No one likes waiting in lines. Exceed expectations with an on-demand reservations experience designed exclusively for your business.

Give your customers their time back

Your customers are ready – don’t make them wait. Streamline operations by having scheduled order pick-up events or timed visits, while managing capacity and availability. Lines are a thing of the past, and you’re more popular than ever.


people prefer online reservations


want to know how long the wait is before they make their decision

"I would always prefer to make a reservation over having to wait for an indefinite amount of time."



Easily manage capacity

Reservations help you easily manage capacity in the face of swiftly changing regulations. Give your customers a sense of security and be fully prepared when you know who’s coming by.

Streamline operations

You need to spend your time making great food - not negotiating pickup times. Cut down on operational costs (and give yourself the gift of time) by offering a Fast Pass with RSVD.

Easily control everything from capacity to cadence and blackout dates based on your business hours. Got special events? RSVD can be customized to fit your environment.

Engage your loyal fans

Keep your fans in the loop and reach them with SMS marketing. Easily send reminders for reservations, and monetize your following by capturing customer data. Your dining experience gets better and better.

Flexible + customizable

Tailor operational rules, event-based reminders, check-in settings, and more to create a universe that fits your business.

Lower costs

Save time and money. Manage reservations for your business that saves your staff time and makes your life easier.

Increase sales

Keep engagement up with SMS messages. Share targeted offers to all customers and generate revenue.

Excellent customer experience

Give your customers the gift of convenience. Serve them more efficiently with a better digital and onsite experience.

Streamline operations

Safely manage the flow of traffic and staff smarter with predictive activity data provided by RSVD.

Unrivaled data privacy

All activity data is kept between you and customers. RSVD is CCPA compliant and never shares data without permission.

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