No cost, or low cost

Partner Benefits

Future proof your business

  • Turn key solution
  • Seemless Integration
  • Be available 24/7
  • No app download

Increase Profits

  • Additional sales channel
  • Shift customer traffic to off peak hours
  • PR opportunity

Save Money

  • Gain operational efficiency
  • Minimize walkaways/no shows

Better Customer Experience

  • Show them that you care about their safety
  • Boost brand loyalty
  • Spark positive reviews

Capture Data

  • Enhance existing CRM
  • Strategic remarking opportunities

It’s easy to do business with us, RSVD works to meet your needs – not the other way around. 

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Simple Sign-Ups

Hosting a tournament or event with limited capacity? RSVD can help. We collect sign-ups until you reach capacity, charging a fee of your choosing. You stay organized and collect attendee information - it’s as simple as RSVD.

Customer Satisfaction

RSVD warmly welcomes your customers to the front of the line, and creates exceptional experiences by giving people their time back - raising customer satisfaction scores by 37%. Our secure customer insights inform marketing and operational strategy.

Unmatched Accountability

RSVD offers a refundable deposit option to hold customers accountable to their reservations. You make the rules, and fees are easy to adjust as-needed.

Health + Safety

Use reservations to incentivize demand during lower-traffic hours, increasing revenue and decreasing chaos. Keep customers safe during peak times through mitigating crowds and enabling social distance. Our Partner Dashboard provides insight on upcoming reservations so you can staff more effectively.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Stand out from the crowd by providing unprecedented value to consumers. Serve custom content and associate your brand with convenience. Welcome target customers to the front of any line.


From tech to logistics, RSVD makes it easy. Our digital “RVSP” is fully customizable, with reservation times, slots, and costs that you control. Our seamless platform is entirely web-based with no app required. Customers can access it anywhere, and our clients can deploy RSVD in less than 48 hours.

Make Lines

RSVD is designed to be flexible. Enable customers to easily and quickly make reservations for entry gates, autograph sessions, food trucks, merch tents, and more – wherever lines, or demand, exists.


Interested in working with us?

Our simple reservation tool is safely managing demand while increasing customer satisfaction for our partners. Schedule a free consultation today!